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Investing in Murder is a page-turning mystery with well-developed characters, cleverly-woven parallel tales and a finger in the shady world of international financial dealings. The disparate angles add up to a memorable, fast-moving plot.”

                                – IndieReader Professional Review

"Lister, a Vancouver business writer, has produced a perfectly competent thriller that will no doubt find an appreciative audience."

                                                              – Vancouver Sun 

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EJ Lister
a Jayson L. Riley novel 

Investing in Murder

$9.99 USD / $12.99 CAD
332 page paperback edition
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About the Author


EJ Lister is the author of the Jayson L. Riley series.

His work as a senior project consultant and his passion for adventure have taken him around the globe – to forty-three countries on five continents – and this extensive travel, which includes visits to some of the world’s most challenging locations, informs and is reflected in his adventure fiction.


He is also a business performance specialist whose 

non-fiction works include Successful Change Management and Lead, Manage or Dig.


When he is not travelling or on assignment, EJ calls Vancouver, BC, home.

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Jayson L. Riley


Career: An investment strategist who makes fortunes tracking storms and predicting financial losses and gains on commodity markets around the globe. He is, however, increasingly losing interest in the trappings of wealth and power and ready to trade in his life of finance and high-rises for working in the service of those in need in countries ravaged by natural disasters.

Character: Adventurous, non-routine, minimalist and generous to a fault. Challenged by years of pressure to succeed and beset with blame, make him somewhat vulnerable, along with a mild fear of sharks.

Interests: A hunter and photographer, Jayson prefers his Nikon D90 over a Glock 9mm, but he’s not afraid to use a weapon, or his fists, if the situation warrants.


Physical traits and style: age 36; 6’1”; 185 lbs; fit, ruggedly handsome, and equally stylish in khakis and flip flops as he is in Brioni and Prada.

Sunglasses of choice: Ray-Ban Aviator Original.

Family: Sole (dissident) heir to the Chicago-based Riley financial dynasty; divorced; no children, with shared custody of a Coonhound named Jeep. 

Zodiac sign: LEO. Dynamic, egotistic, ambitious, and intelligent. The Leo man has big plans for his life, and he’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish them.

Fun fact: He hates his middle name.

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